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Solid Pine Mantel Shelf / Beam 
"Smoked 9"      €185

Smoke Effect Mantel Beam
Beam Detail
54" x 9" x 3" (1370mm x 230mm x 75mm)      Item 012

 These Mantle Beams have distressed edges (see photos) and are finished with a smokey/scorched appearance, they have no other surface finish applied

They have a rough/sawn surface finish (Please be aware of possible small splinters which may sometimes be present due to this type of finish)
The Mantel Beams will usually have some shakes/cracks etc to add to their overall rustic character as can be seen from the photos, these should not be considered faults
These mantel beams are ideal for fitting over a brick (see photos ) or stone built fireplace, but can also be fitted against a flat wall using invisable fixings
Invisable fixings can be supplied with these mantel beams if required (at an additional cost)

These Mantel Shelves/Beams can also be custom made to customer specified sizes, contact us for details

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us 

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Add 1 Pair of Fixing Bars €45 


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